About Me

A Silicon Valley Native

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and developer with 18 years of experience. My hometown is Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley, where I live and work. My little office is literally surrounded by industry giants, where I remember used to be orchards.

I've worked for startups, agencies, and ran a group of designers and programmers as an Interactive Director for 11 years before I decided to branch off on my own. It's hard to choose which I prefer, so I actually enjoy the variety of challenges working with multiple clients provides.

With my broad skill set and refined approach, I am as comfortable writing code as I am with the creative process. I've spent equal parts throughout my career cultivating both my artistic and technical capabilities. I believe this is unique and can make me an exceptional fit for organizations and projects that can leverage this.

Things I Work With

Things I Work On

  • Websites
  • UI/UX
  • Web apps
  • Powerpoint and Keynote presentations
  • Video packages and animation
  • Marketing collateral
  • Trade Show/Event signage and graphics
  • Ads/banners
  • Logos/icons
  • Packaging & Environmental design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web analytics and optimization
  • PPC and Internet advertising
  • Landing pages
  • Responsive emails

I can work and be contracted in various capacities. The most common are:

Special Forces

Some organizations often integrate me into their marketing departments as a specialized resource. I sometimes work on-site and also in a white label capacity. This seems to work well with groups that need ongoing help but don't have the need or budget for a full-time or long-term designer/developer.

One-stop Swiss Army Marketer

Small businesses with little to no marketing groups seem to appreciate the breadth of services I can offer as a single person. This saves them from having to contract an expensive agency or multiple vendors to get their business goals met.

One-offs/Specific Projects

I also commonly work on specific limited-scope projects, and sometimes brought into specialized teams for one-off projects. I have an extensive network myself, so sometimes I'm the one putting together the team. I'm super flexible and can adapt to your organization or needs.

Interested in more info? Ready to discuss what I can do for you?